World-Class Plastic Injection Molding Services

When companies need high precision plastic injection molding, single piece or high volume, they turn to Comet Tool Company. We offer outstanding engineering, quick turnaround, quality and cost-effective services. You can be sure of excellence
through concept, design and tooling, to manufacturing and delivery.

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Plastic Injection Molding

Comet Tool offers comprehensive services for developing and manufacturing injection molded components for the medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, packaging, food, and beverage industries.

Our impressive molding operation accommodates 29 presses ranging from 35 to 720 tons with barrel shot sizes ranging from 1.3 ounces to 109.6 ounces. Operating three shifts, seven days a week, all presses are equipped with statistical process control interfaces to perform the most detailed mold and part validations for every new, refurbished or transplanted mold.

When it comes to fast cycle times and advanced cooling technology, Comet’s experience is your most important advantage. From prototype sampling to high volume production, Comet will manufacture all parts according to specification.Our experience ensures we deliver large, complex projects on time and within budget. With an emphasis on delivery, we assist our customers in prioritizing, planning, and execution expertise.

Production Monitoring

SPC procedures and our fully equipped ASQI metrology lab are incorporated into the production process to prevent defects prior to molding. These methods insure part dimensional stability and cavity-to-cavity repeatability. Source inspections as well as our new Avalon Vision Systems are also utilized to detect any variation during the molding process. Plantstar, a sophisticated press monitoring system allows us to supervise, in real time, all production; insuring not only quality but also providing on-time deliveries.

Molded Part Assembly

At Comet Tool Company, we work to integrate plastic part assembly into the total part process when required. Our molded part assembly operations include: Heat Staking, Overmolding, Insert Molding, 2-Shot Molding, and Ultrasonic Welding.

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Visit our Molding Facilities and our Tooling Facilities pages for a complete listing of our equipment.

Industries We Serve

Our plastic injection molding, tooling, and mold making capabilities allow us to produce custom parts and components for a broad range of industries including medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, packaging, food, and beverage industries to name a few. Our contract manufacturing expertise delivers complete turnkey solutions for large and medium sized companies.

Our Location

Our manufacturing and distribution facility is conveniently located in the Northeast USA, easily accessible to clients from the states of New Jersey, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Ohio. Our proximity to the Philadelphia, Newark, and New York City airports allows us to provide injection mold and molding services to clients locally and internationally.

ISO 9001 - Plastic Injection Molding

AS9 100 C - Plastic Injection Molding

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